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Information For Students

Follow these links for your Federal Student Aid                                                                             

Information for students and parents on creating your Federal Student Aid ID and filling out a FAFSA.

Federal Student Aid ID log in and sign up:

Follow this link to sign your Master Promissory Note after you receive your FSA ID

To fill out a FAFSA :

After you apply for a FSA ID and receive confirmation by email using the FSA Site, Then follow the second link fill out and sign your Master promissory Note. Be sure to read all pages, Review till all pages have a green check next to the page, Sign and review your Master Promissory note and then submit.  Please print the first page and bring it to the Financial Aid Office. Keep a PDF copy for your records. If you have any difficulty please contact Derryl DeVenuto in the financial aid office and he will be happy to assist you. 215-943-0298

You can also download the phone apps to accomplish this.

The mobile apps:

For students and parents that are required to bring a IRS Tax Transcript please follow this link to retrieve one from the IRS.

Repaying Your Loans

To learn about repayment choices and work out your Federal Loan monthly payment, go to

State Board Exam:

Please follow this link to create a login and submit  your application to take your State Boards at 900 hours or after graduation.

Follow this link after graduation to retrieve your State Board Exam  preparation materials and Candidate Handbook from PEARSON VUE.

Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology Rules and Regulations:

Register to Vote:

Campus Safety and Security Data

College Navigator:

Campus Crime and Security:

Federal Law

Levittown Beauty Academy LLC

In Compliance with Federal Law, L.B.A. provides you with the information contained herein on Alcohol and Drug abuse.

In accordance with Federal Regulations stipulated in the Drug-Free Act of 1998, the drug/alcohol policy of the Levittown Beauty Academy is as follows:

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of alcohol, narcotics, or illicit drugs is prohibited on school premises.  Any student or employee of the school discovered to be violating these rules is subject to immediate suspension or dismissal.  Such actions will be taken independently of any criminal action that may arise from a violation of Civil law governing these areas.

School policies on drug and alcohol abuse, for students are referenced in the school’s Policy Notice.  Drug and Alcohol policies regarding employees are contained in the school’s Operating Procedures Manual.

If you or someone you know needs help with drugs and or alcohol, contact me, or any teacher.  You can also call the agencies listed in the student  handbook.